My Story Matters

A series of documentary stories of First Nations role models made by First Nations high school students and Show Me The Way.


Clayton Donovan


Clayton Donovan, Chef talks about his experiences growing up and the importance of education. He has a passion for bush foods and herbs and wants to promote them across Australia and internationally.


Stephanie Gollan


Stephanie Gollan is from South Australia and her mob is Ngarrindjeri. She draws on her cultural knowledge as a basket-weaver. Some examples of her work can be seen in this film.


Tasha Meyering

High School Teacher

Tasha loves her job and she doesn’t think she could do anything else. She says, “I like to be a PE teacher because it means I get to be outside and be active every day”. She gives back to the community through sports training and games on the weekend.


Jason Orchard

Recruitment Officer

Jason has a national portfolio, working with all the decision-makers at the Tax Office. If he’s not in Canberra he could be anywhere in the country. Jason helps coordinate the Indigenous Employment Development Strategy nationally.


Maree Gruppetta

Senior Lecturer

Maree lectures in education at the University of Western Sydney. She talks about the value of a good education and the opportunities it brings. She has to talk to many of her students online because they live in rural areas.


Ashley Walker


Ashley is from La Perouse, NSW and works as a graduate for one of the best law firms around in Sydney’s CBD. Getting this job was for him a great success.


Melissa Jackson


Melissa  is the Indigenous Services Librarian at the State Library of NSW.  She helps individuals find information, she leads tour groups around the library, she curates exhibitions and much more…


Patrick Johnson


Patrick is the current Oceanian and Australian record holder in the 100 metres with a time of 9.93 seconds, achieved in Mito, Japan, on 5 May 2003. The time has made him the 17th fastest man in history at the time and 38th man to crack the 10-second barrier.