My Country Your Country – Walgett

A series of documentary films of First Nations people in Walgett, NSW, made by students from Walgett Community College High School with the support of Show Me The Way.


Amy Townsend

Manager, Goonimoo Mobile Children’s Service
Amy is the Manager of the Goonimoo Mobile Children’s Service in Walgett, catering for 0 to 5 years olds. The Service provides location supported playgroups in Walgett and surrounding towns. Amy really enjoys the job because it supports the local community.


Deirdre Kennedy

Aboriginal Education Officer
Deidre works at the Walgett Community College Primary School. She has a lot of passion for kids and always encourages them to better themselves by staying at school and getting an education.


Uncle Vincent Kennedy

Panel Beater and Spray Painter
Uncle Vincent was born in Walgett in 1945. He learnt to panel beat at the local garage. Later on he worked as an Aboriginal Client Services Specialist or liaison officer at the local court helping steer kids away from the justice system.


Aunty Beryl Van Oploo

Educator and Cook
Aunty Beryl is a foodie. She trains young Aboriginal people in hospitality. Working for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence as well as running her own catering company, she has become the teacher, trainer and employer as well.


Wayne Beddell

Healthy For Life Coordinator
Wayne coordinates Healthy for Life at the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service. It involves everything from oral, mental and physical health and covers a vast area from Walgett, Brewarrina, Orana, Haven and Bourke.


Doreen Peters

TAFE Services Coordinator
Doreen’s longest career was with the NSW Police Force. She stayed there for 38 years before she retired. She received many awards from Police. Two of the highest were the Commissioner’s Commendation for Services to the Police and the Aboriginal Community, and for National Women in Policing. She now works at the Walgett College.


Whitney Skuthorpe

Aboriginal Family Health Worker
Whitney enjoys taking blood pressures and bloods, working with Aboriginal people and helping them because it’s never just one problem, it’s an wholistic approach. She says you can’t just take blood pressures but you need to also find out what’s happening at home.


Aunty Beth Wright

Aboriginal Language Teacher, TAFE NSW
Aunty Beth is one of the first full time language teachers with TAFE. She was honoured with New South Wales Aboriginal Language Teacher of the Year Award for TAFE. She says the significance of language is the experience of learning new words every day.