Journey to Freedom

Tells the unique stories of eleven Australians and their journeys to successful lives in Australia.

High school students from a refugee background have created engaging short films that share inspiring stories of how a commitment to education has been integral to their new lives.

The series was produced during the Show Me The Way – Parramatta mentoring programs from 2014 to 2016, with the support of industry professionals.


Munjed Al Muderis

Leading Osseointegration Surgeon

Munjed was a young surgical resident working in Baghdad. He was forced to flee Iraq as a refugee because he refused the demands of a squad of Military Police to remove the ears of army deserters. Dr Al Muderis is now one of the world’s leading osseointegration surgeons, transforming the lives of amputees with a pioneering technique that allows them to walk again.


Shukufa Tahiri

Policy Assistant – Refugee Council of Australia

Shukufa is a policy assistant at the Refugee Council of Australia. She is also completing a double degree of Bachelor of Law and Economics. Shukufa is one ofcseveral volunteers who teach Hazara women the NSW Drivers Knowledge Test.


Andrew Lee


Andrew is a lawyer who works in western Sydney. Andrew practises immigration law, commercial law and family law. He left Cambodia with his family in 1981 because of civil war. Andrew says, “Australia is one of those countries as long as you have the drive there is opportunity there”.


Chandra Bhandari

Enrolled Nurse

Chandra is from Bhutan and spent 17 years in a refugee camp in Nepal before coming to Australia in 2009. Chandra is an enrolled nurse at Westmead Hospital, NSW. It was her long term ambition to be a nurse.


Carmen Lalehzari

Human Rights Advocate

Carmen and her family had to leave Iran because of her faith and persecution by the Iran Government. Carmen is now an advocate for human rights, part of the organising committee for the Harmony Walk and runs personal development courses.


Dor Achiek

Youth Project Coordinator – Settlement Services International

Originally from South Sudan, Dor spent nine years in a refugee camp in Kenya. Dor now runs a soccer program for the community with the aim to open a soccer academy to help improve the lives of young people in South Sudan.


Indira Dhungel


Indira and her family had to flee Bhutan because of the political instability. She now enjoys making a difference in peoples’ lives by being a nurse.


Tamla Gaw


Tamla left Burma because of war. He came to Australia in 2006 after living in a refugee camp in Thailand. Tamla now enjoys his home in Australia and works as an interpreter.


Hela Jaffar

Settlements Grant Worker – Community Migrant Resource Centre

Hela works for the Community Migrant Resource Centre in Parramatta, NSW. Her work involves supplying services for new migrants and refugees to help them settle in Australia. Under the Saddam Hussein regime she and family were forced to leave Iraq.


Jean Bosco Atty

Case Worker and Intake Officer

Jean loves his work and he feels he gives hope to people. His role in Settlement Services International (SSI) is to support and help asylum seekers reach their goals while their applications are being processed.


Mabior Mapiou

Law Graduate

Mabior left South Sudan because of war between the North and South. He studied law to help protect himself and his community. His challenge is to help change the situation in South Sudan. Mabior completed his law degree at Western Sydney University.