Role Model Videos

Melissa, Librarian

Melissa is the Indigenous Services Librarian at the State Library of NSW. She helps individuals find information, she leads tour groups around the library, she curates exhibitions and much more...
This video was made by school based trainees from the Westpac group with the assistance of Show Me The Way. Duration 2 min 7 sec
Music by Marley Grovenor

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Patrick, Athlete and Role Model

Patrick Johnson works at the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) as a role model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

He is the current Oceanian and Australian record holder in the 100 metres with a time of 9.93 seconds, achieved in Mito, Japan, on 5 May 2003. Duration 2 min 10 sec

Music by Marley Grovenor

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Alison, Designer

Alison Page studied Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is an ideal role model for all young people. She is energetic and enthusiastic about her chosen profession and has expanded her output to areas such as exhibition site design, public artworks and buildings.

Duration: 2 min 59 sec

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Jason, Recruitment Officer

Jason is a recruitment officer in the Australian Public Service. He is passionate about getting Aboriginal people into employment. Having come from Queensland originally, he also talks about the challenges of starting in a new place.

Duration: 2 min 32 sec

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Stacey, Senior Manager and Team Leader

Stacey works in Canberra in a senior role in management. She is responsible for the delivery of funding for education around Australia. She loves her work and the challenges it brings.
Duration: 2 min 19 sec

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Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Awards


The inaugural national Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Awards have been launched with a mission to uncover everyday digital excellence and inspire Indigenous entrepreneurs, businesses and young people.

To be held at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) on the 29 September 2017, the national awards will showcase IDX to corporate Australia.

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