Our Values and Our Vision

Show Me The Way creates purposeful partnerships between students and their learning partners in a secure online space.

A not-for-profit, Show Me The Way (SMTW) supports students to complete their secondary studies and continue on to university, TAFE or vocational education whilst remaining culturally relevant every step of the way.


Our Objectives:

  • Incentives to engage and support participation  
  • Mentoring is a two-way learning partnership that inspires success  
  • Technology helps with enabling students to realise and achieve their goals
  • Empowering all young people to make their own life choices




    "Many in the Australian community today wish the very best for children of all cultures and community to reach their potential.  I have watched this program grow from a kernel of an idea to a fully functional successful program, and yet there is more to do, so much more to do.  I commend Show Me the Way for its inspiration and empowerment of young people and know that in time we will wonder how we lived without it."

    Kathryn Greiner AO, Patron of Show Me The Way


    Who we are 


    How Show Me The Way works 

    The business plan

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    World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education


    The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education is in Toronto, Canada in July 2017

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