Our Story

One of Australia's first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Networking sites was launched by the Hon. Linda Burney at NSW Parliament on June 23, 2010.

Show Me The Way is a program for its time

Kids and technology: they were born for each other.  Who hasn’t had a cousin or niece show you the right way - or any way - to  help you record a television program, or set up your mobile or your computer.

There is something about technology that invites the curious to have a go.  And sometimes when a kid is on their own, with no one looking over their shoulder, it’s fun for them to work it out.  

Show Me The Way puts technology into kids hands. We give them a space to play in and provide another person to help them make decisions about what's happening at school, career direction and what it all means.

Having a learning partner

Ours is a two-way learning approach and we use the term learning partner rather than mentor.   Most successful people tell stories of the teacher, relative, family friend or neighbour who was there for them, taught them a skill or told them what it was like at work. The student gains an understanding of the real world from the learning partner and the learning partner develops an understanding of the cultural diversity within the Aboriginal student community.

Aboriginal kids often stop their schooling at Year 9.  If they don’t finish Year 12 they have less options - not just with jobs, but with training and further education.  There is no argument about this; it's a fact.

All children need to see or imagine a future.  If they don't know someone in business, or who's learning a trade or going to university they won’t think it is possible for them.  And this is why Show Me The Way promotes role model videos, encourages having a go at technology and fosters the knowledge that there is someone else who believes in them. 

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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples is observed on August 9 each year to promote and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population. This event also recognises the achievements and contributions that indigenous people make to improve world issues such as environmental protection.

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