How does Show Me The Way work?


Young Indigenous people engage with technology easily and rapidly. Show Me The Way engages students with videos that provide direction and positive messages. Students are supplied with a laptop and broadband access so they can use the Show Me The Way (SMTW) website both at school under the supervision of their teacher or at work in a school based traineeship.

This supportive career focused web-based learning program helps students to identify their strengths and choose school subjects that are relevant to their interests. Show Me The Way video resources are being used around the country by the Australian Public Service Commission, to support Aboriginal students into meaningful careers. These role model videos show students how others have tried and succeeded. View examples of the role model videos on the role model page of this site.

The student site is social networking tailored specifically to Indigenous youth. It encourages students to use the technologies and improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Participation in quizzes and comprehension tests about Indigenous role model videos on the site and the uploading of students own videos and photos are constantly rewarded. 


As with this fundraising site, the SMTW Student web site is dynamic with regular news, events and role model interviews. The role model videos tell the stories of Indigenous men and women who have become successful in their professions and trades through a good education. Similar to YouTube and Twitter, Show Me The Way offers a social network for Indigenous students to upload their photos, videos and personal profiles. A chat room provides peer support.


Students produce their own videos on professions and trades. This helps to develop critical thinking as they go through the processes of researching and making mini documentaries.

A one-to-one mentoring program further supports students by giving them feedback from someone with real life experience. Each student knows that someone else believes in them.

Mentors or learning partners are matched to meet individual needs. A learning partner provides mentoring support online face-to-face via the secure SMTW Student web site. A sequence of mentoring activities are conducted throughout the mentoring period tailored to the individual student's needs



With Show Me The Way, students are supported in finding direction with short and long-term goals. They discover how important education is in having a rewarding and successful future. They become empowered to make their own life decisions.

Our vision is to make this national program support all Indigenous students to maximise their potential.

The Stages of Show Me The Way development

Stage One

The design and build of the fundraising/information site completed in 2010.

Stage Two

Two urban trials commenced in July 2010. These highly successful programs ran for 10 weeks in James Busby High School in Green Valley with 10 students and at the Exodus Youth Centre in Redfern with 10 students. They included an introduction to the web-based mentoring component and video workshops. Of those that took up the program, 80 percent followed through.

Stage Three

Our custom-built student site completed with a national 12-month program beginning in 2011 with the Westpac Group with 29 school-based trainees. The program was scrutinised by Professor Peter Howard with regular reporting and evaluation. Retention rates for Westpac Group school based trainees rose for 50% to 86% with the SMTW program.

Stage Four

Building on the success of 2011, the Westpac Group program continued through 2012. Regular reporting helped shape the program to meet the individual student's needs.

SMTW was asked to provide our expertise to the National Alliance of Remote Indigenous Schools (NARIS) to create a national online mentoring program to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into careers in teaching. This ran through 2013.

In 2014 a new program, Show Me The Way - Parramatta began. This program supports students from a refugee background. The program continues to grow in 2015.

The Show Me The Way - Westpac Group partnership continues to grow and we are very proud of our contribution in helping Westpac reach their Elevator RAP goal of 500 permanent full-time Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees by 2017.

Show Me The Way is a NSW registered charity with Charitable Fundraising Authority CFN/20362. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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