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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Top student awarded

Kylie Ryan holds his Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Achievement Award

Story courtesy the Koori Mail

Bundjalung man Kyle Ryan has been recognised as one of Queensland’s top Year 12 graduates of 2016 at the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Achievement Awards.

In a ceremony at the State Library in South Bank, Brisbane, Mr Ryan, who went to Glenala State High School, was one of 34 students from across Queensland to receive an award.

He received the Highest Achievement by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Student award.

“I didn’t realise at first how prestigious the awards were,” Mr Ryan told the Koori Mail.

“I didn’t know the awards were statewide until I was actually at the ceremony. So it felt pretty good to know I got the award, and even better when I found that out.”

Mr Ryan said his passion is for maths and science subjects, and he hopes to become a doctor once he’s finished university.

“I started university this week,” he said. “I’m doing a Bachelor of Advanced Science and then when I’m done that I’ll do biomedicine so I can be a medical doctor.”

Mr Ryan said it was his Year 12 Biology teacher who inspired him into the biomedical field.

“Initially I didn’t want to be a doctor,” he said.

“I picked biology and at first I hated it. But I had a really great teacher and she made me love the subject. So now I’m more interested in medical science whereas before I just wanted to do the logical science and maths subjects.”

Mr Ryan has excelled in these subjects; already participating in a QUT research internship program and University of Queensland’s SPARQ-ed program.

He has also received a Young Achiever’s scholarship at the University of Queensland because of the high marks he achieved during his schooling.

“I come from a low-socioeconomic area – Inala,” Mr Ryan said. “I topped all my cohorts. I got very high marks in science and maths. That’s important to me.”

Education Minister Kate Jones said the awards are an important chance to recognise outstanding students.

“It’s a chance for us to stop and honour the hard work and dedication of our highest-achieving graduates and to thank their family members, teachers and friends who supported them during their studies,” she said.

“It’s great to know our best and brightest students are choosing to continue building their skills and knowledge in disciplines that drive innovation.”

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