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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Student boom in Sydney West

Story courtesy the Koori Mail

The number of Indigenous students in western Sydney is growing three times faster than the area
s general student population.

A study by the Stronger Smarter Insititute found that western Sydney has had a 19% increase in the number of school-age Indigenous children since 2011.

In comparison, the total number of school age children in western Sydney has risen by 6% for the same period.

The findings for western Sydney mirror national statistics, which show that this year will have the highest number of Indigenous students ever across Australia.

Stronger Smarter Institute is calling on local educators to ensure they have strong capacity to nurture students of different cultures in the classroom.

Chief executive Darren Godwell said the Indigenous student boom is taking place in western Sydneys already culturally diverse population of students.

“The growth of both western Sydneys multicultural and Indigenous communities means its becoming more important than ever to ensure that students dont need to leave their culture at the school gate,” he said.

“Real learning can only take place if our children are able to bring their whole selves to the classroom, and this is what we hope to help western Sydney teachers continue achieving.

Western Sydney has a rich cultural heritage. We believe this is a strength that can and should be celebrated in the classroom.

“This means fostering high expectation relationships, a strengths-based approach and a positive sense of cultural identity.”

The Stronger Smarter Institute aims to improve educational outcomes for children from Indigenous and other cultural backgrounds through providing professional training and development for educators.

Its workshops encourage reflection on teaching methods and how these can be adapted to promote equity in the classroom.                   

Since launching in 2005, the institute has trained more than 3000 educators from more than 825 schools around Australia, including 50 from 22 schools in western Sydney.

The organisation is now running teacher training workshops across western Sydney every month to help local educators grow capacity to nurture students of different cultures in the classroom.


Schools interested in registering can visit HERE

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