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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science is popular in Coolgardie

Story courtesy the Koori Mail

SEARCHING for solutions through science has become highly popular with Aboriginal students at the Christian Aboriginal Parent-directed School (CAPS) in Coolgardie, Western Australia.

The school recently held the CAPS Science Fair, with the goal of stimulating excitement in the community by showing what can be achieved through science and encouraging guests to see the world around them in new and different ways.

Alan Alipio, the teacher who turned on the ‘science light’, said it was great to see the “enthusiasm, courage and a fearless exploration” for science at CAPS.

School principal Kurtis Leslie said recognition at last year’s statewide science talent search competition, sponsored by Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA), had increased CAPS students’ enthusiasm in science, with many more keen to be part of this year’s talent search.

“Last year our science students from Years 9 and 11 focused on the natural environment and how our world could be protected,” he said. “They looked at how waste produced from the slaughter of animals for human consumption might be used as a bio-diesel alternative.

“It was an experiment that saw them recognised as winners in the 58th National Science Talent Search competition.”

CAPS Coolgardie was established in 1981 by parents seeking to create a strong Christian education for Aboriginal studentsto enable them to be workplace-ready or keen and prepared for tertiary education.

The school has Aboriginal and other students from the local area and outside ofthe region, and Australian and International teachers who live and work in the Coolgardie area, many who have moved to the area bringing their own children to become students at the school.

Former CAPS students include lawyers, educators, business operators and internationally recognised dancers, actors and creative directors.

Teacher Allan Alipio with award-winning CAPS science student Cassiopeia Middleton

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